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Miguel Torres

Lawyer of the Illustrious Bar Association of Barcelona (ICAB) since 1987, and Associate Professor of Private International Law at the University of Barcelona since 1991. He is now the President of the Foreign Investments Commission of the International Association of Lawyers (UIA).

During all his professional carreer he has specialized in International Law, and more particularly in International Business Law as well as Insolvency Law. He has deep experience in the restructuring of the balance sheet of financial institutions, as well as the management and liquidation of real estate portfolios.

He practices as an Insolvency Administrator since 2006 and he is the author of several publications on the subject of international insolvency, such as the recent book on International Insolvency: Jurisdictional Comparisons published by Thomson Reuters.

He is a fellow member of the International Insolvency Institute and member of the Insolvency Law Commission of the ICAB.

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